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Checked baggage

The cheapest and most convenient way to purchase additional checked baggage allowance is when you booking. If you have made a reservation but want to add checked baggage, you can purchase additional weight up to 40kg.

If your booking is made through an agent, please contact the agent to add checked baggage allowance or contact us.

Maximum weight of single bag or checked baggage must not exceed 32kg. If guests have bags or oversized baggage weighing more than 32kg, they will have to send as cargo. Contact us for assistance.

One-way pieces exceeding from 158cm/62in to 203cm/80in are considered oversized items and passengers must pay extra oversized baggage charges.

Buy additional baggage: If you need to carry more baggage than the baggage allowance, you can buy additional checked baggage when booking, after booking, or at the airport.

We strongly recommend that you do not bring the following items in your checked baggage:

  • Fragile items
  • Computer
  • Money
  • Valuable papers
  • Business documents
  • Electronic device
  • Passport
  • Medicine
  • Metals and gems

Baggage charged at the airport

Passengers can buy checked baggage at the check-in counters of Pacific Airlines.

Charges for buying baggage at the airport

1. Additional packages

Additional packages are available in 10kg / 22lb and 23kg / 50lb. The total dimensions of the two dimensions of the package shall not exceed 158cm / 62in.

 Fees applies for 10kg  package (22lb)Fees applies for 10kg  package (50lb)
Domestic routes in Vietnam230.000 VND 400.000 VND 


  • The above fees do not include VAT.
  • For domestic routes in Vietnam, excess baggage is purchased on the basis of a piece with 10kg (22lb) and 23kg (50lb). The total size of the standard package is 158cm / 62in.
  • If a piece of baggage exceeds the standard weight and / or maximum size, the total charge will be calculated as the standard baggage charge (if the checked baggage allowance is exceeded, there is no charge for the package prepayment) plus overweight and oversize fees.

2. Package exceeds the standard weight

Flights10kg (22lb) < package <= 23kg (50lb)23kg(50lb)<package<=32kg(70lb)
Domestic routes in Vietnam350.000 VND500.000 VND


  • The above fees do not include VAT
  • For domestic routes in Vietnam, package exceeds the standard weight from 10kg (22lb) to 32kg (70lb).

3. Package exceeds the standard size

FlightsFees applies
Domestic routes in Vietnam600.000 VND


  • The above fees do not include VAT
  • Package exceeds the standard size from 158cm / 62in to 203cm / 80in.