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Lost / Mishandled baggage

We know baggage is very important to you, so we will always do our best to make sure you can get your bags on time in the same conditions we received them.

If you find that your checked baggage has been delayed or damaged, please report it to the department or Baggage Service Center before leaving the airport.

If you want to make a complaint, you need to report within the time limit set by international conventions or local laws where the airline operates. The current deadline is:

Vietnam domestic flights

  • 7 days for damaged checked baggage
  • 21 days for delayed checked baggage

All international flights

  • 7 days for damaged checked baggage
  • 21 days for delayed or lost checked baggage

When you receive your delayed baggage number, you can check for delayed baggage status or update your information online. If you have provided your current contact phone number and / or email address when reporting a delay at the airport, we will call or email you when we have an update on baggage position of the customer.

1. Claim for lost baggage

If you need to claim lost baggage or reimburse expenses, please contact us. Please provide all details, including details about your reservation, flight, items inside baggage and lost receipt of your details. We cannot resolve a claim without all these details.

Pacific Airlines’ liability for lost and delayed baggage costs is limited by international conventions and local laws. Please see the Conditions of Carriage for details.

2. Claiming damaged baggage

You need to provide repair quotes and pictures of the damaged parts to reasonably evaluate the claim. After reviewing the passengers’ requests, we may choose to pay for replacement or repair of damaged parts at our discretion based on the information provided by the passengers and in accordance with the restrictions. Limited liability related to compensation. Please see the Conditions of Carriage.

Please note that depreciation and depreciation may apply to your requirements

3. Lost property

In the event that we cannot be held responsible for any baggage that you leave behind in the cabin of one of our aircraft or in an airport terminal, you may Contact us. to check if the baggage is stowed away.