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Prepaid baggage

✳️ In order to ensure absolute safety on each flight and to comply with the strict regulations of the Aviation Administration, please note the baggage tips below:

– Each passenger is only allowed a maximum of 7kg of carry-on baggage

– It is not allowed to bring sharp objects such as knives, scissors …, potentially lethal objects such as sticks, iron bars … and items that can cause fire or explosion or toxic chemicals on the cabin.

✳️ In case of heavy baggage requirements, you should plan and buy additional checked -baggage early when booking for the amount of 100,000 VND (10kg) and 200,000 VND (23kg), or can be purchased at the check-in counter for the amount of 200,000 VND (10kg) and 350,000 VND (23kg). In case at the boarding gate, if you bring in excess of the carry-on baggage, to ensure flight safety, your baggage will be charged at 500,000 VND / piece under 15kg and from 16th weight above will be 45,000 VND / kg.

(Note: VAT not included)

✳️ Passengers should consider planning to buy baggage early and choose to buy checked -baggage immediately upon booking if you need to save money, convenience and especially ensure flight safety!


The above fees do not include VAT.

    • The above fees do not include VAT.
    • Passengers who buy tickets are allowed to buy Prepaid Baggage, except infant under 2 years old.
    • Applicable for flights operated by Pacific Airlines.
    • Time to buy prepaid baggage: at least 6 hours before flight departure.
    • Prepaid baggage sold in standard packages weighing 23 kg and 10 kg, maximum total dimension of 158 cm.
    • One-way items exceeding from 158cm/62in to 203cm/80in are considered as oversized items and passengers must pay extra oversized baggage charges.
    • Passengers can buy a maximum of 40kg.
    • Prepaid baggage is valid for the flight and ticket purchased; are allowed to change flight dates and change to new itineraries at the same or higher cost. This change must be made 6 hours before the departure time of the purchased flight segment and 6 hours before the departure time of the new flight segment.
    • Prepaid baggage is not transferable; not to be reimbursed; Not to be exchanged for other services or passenger tickets.
  • If the actual weight or dimensions of your checked baggage when check-in at the airport exceed the free and pre-paid baggage, passengers must purchase Baggage charges for this excess according to the current regulations.