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Medical information

If you are worried about whether you are good enough to fly, please see your doctor before making a reservation.

Please let us know if you are in an unsuitable state of health and could make you or other passengers unsafe if flying.

If we have a reasonable basis to believe that you are not fit to fly, we may refuse to transport you.

Certain medical conditions or restrictions may prevent you from traveling, so you need to have a medical certificate.

Make sure you carefully pack any medications you think you might need on your flight, including prescription and over-the-counter. If you bring your medication, please pack all the necessary medicines in your carry-on baggage, at least enough for 1 week to be able to use in case of loss of checked baggage at any time in flight process.

The drug must have a specialized printed label, clearly stating the name of the drug or the manufacturer or pharmaceutical label. Security or customs officers may request proof of the need to bring medication.

If you need to carry a needle under the skin, please make sure that you report this at the screening security and, if possible, please provide documents or identification to confirm your condition.